16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence: Breaking the Cycle

Fund Her Health. Break the cycle.

For a world free of violence against women in their diversity.

From November 25th to December 10th, we embark on the global campaign of “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence”. Aligned with the United Nations, this initiative exposes the reality that violence against women is the most prevalent human rights violation worldwide.

Despite progress in legislation, weak enforcement and discriminatory social norms persist. Globally, an estimated 736 million women—almost one in three—have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence at least once in their lives (UN, 2023).

As advocates of gender-transformative HIV, TB, and Malaria comprehensive responses, W4GF recognises the intricate connections between gender-based violence and healthcare inequalities:

  1. GBV intersects with health goals: Amplifying inequalities limiting access to healthcare services, information, and reproductive rights.
  2. GBV intersects with Global Fund objectives: Addressing gender inequalities and human rights violations that heighten vulnerabilities to HIV, TB, and Malaria.

A destructive cycle fueled by GBV, stigma, and discrimination perpetuates inequalities. Women living with, affected by, or at most risk of HIV, TB, and Malaria face significant stigma, hindering their access to comprehensive healthcare. Transgender women frequently encounter mistreatment, and socioeconomic factors, such as poverty, add layers of discrimination, restricting their right to health. This vicious cycle must be broken.

W4GF’s current campaign is centred on the urgent need for sustained financing and the support of gender-sensitive initiatives aimed at preventing gender-based violence. W4GF advocates for funding to be directed to women-led organisations and gender-transformative actions. These efforts would facilitate life-changing actions against violence, stigma, and discrimination in response to HIV, TB, and Malaria.

In a world grappling with war, forced migration, and a looming climate crisis, women and girls are the most vulnerable, facing a pronounced infringement upon their fundamental rights. W4GF advocates for a comprehensive approach to eliminating GBV in all sectors, demanding urgent attention.

Join Our Call:

Join and be part of this campaign. We can only achieve this by uniting our voices. We tell you how:

  • Sign our Position Note: We would like to invite you to read and sign our Position Note for the Global Fund. This includes recommendations from women in all of our diversity, civil society organisations and other relevant partners to increase the investments for gender-transformative actions in the HIV, TB, and Malaria responses. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in a movement for change. Sign up here to show your support.
  • Spread the Message: Use your social media platforms to share our messages and raise awareness about the necessity of funding for women-led organisations and gender-transformative actions.

    You can use the following Hashtags: #16DaysOfActivism #HIV #TB #Malaria #SSR #BreaktheCycle #FundHerHealth #FundHerFuture #GenderTransformativeActions
  • Engage with Us: During the 16 days of activism, we will publish a series of information that starts a conversation that we would love you to participate in. Follow us on social media.
  • Social Media Advocacy: Are you a champion for gender equality and passionate about making your voice heard? We invite you to join us in advocating for women’s rights by sharing advocacy memes and your personal experiences on how women can lead changes in Global Fund processes to transform health responses in the HIV, TB, and Malaria context. 

To get involved, write to us at communications@women4gf.org.

There is no excuse— funding is imperative to break Gender Based Violence cycle.

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