W4GF attended the ICASA conference in Harare!

From December 3rd until December 9th, W4GF participated in the largest AIDS conference of Africa, organised in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We aimed to contribute substantive insights into the opportunities and challenges surrounding gender equality within the comprehensive HIV response, mainly in focus countries of the  Global Fund.

Notwithstanding the challenges they encountered, civil society organisations persist in upholding human rights without discrimination based on gender, origin, religion, or sexual orientation. The response to HIV demands meticulous consideration of the specific needs of women in all of their diversity, addressed with unwavering respect for human rights and dignity.

We were happy to connect and engage with women’s organisations diligently working towards ensuring access to HIV comprehensive healthcare services for all girls and women in all of their diversity, especially in the African region. We found profound inspiration in their endeavours to enhance HIV responses through the meaningful participation of women in their communities.

We are pleased to share the full participation of our Global Coordinator, Ángela León Cáceres, and our special recognition to ICW Global, for their valuable contribution.

We also held our space in the women’s networking zone, where we spoke along representatives of the Pan African Coalition of Positive Women of Zimbabwe and ICW Africa. The dialogue explored women’s participation in decision-making spaces of the Global Fund and all together we delved into the specific processes around the  Gender Equality Fund (GEF), understanding women’s participation and the complexities that define their effective involvement.

W4GF is committed to actively participating in constructive forums where communities, civil society, governments, and international organisations convene, including esteemed entities such as the United Nations and the Global Fund. Our presence in these spaces is dedicated to fostering inclusive global health governance, marked by a steadfast commitment to gender equity in the comprehensive HIV response.

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