World Malaria Day 2024

Fostering Gender Equality and Equity in comprehensive Malaria responses and elimination strategies efforts

As we mark another World Malaria Day, we recognize the indispensable role that women play in the fight against this deadly disease. At Wome4GlobalFund (W4GF), we understand that women, in all their diversity, are at the forefront of combating malaria, contributing technically, scientifically, and at the grassroots level. Their invaluable contributions underscore the importance of sustaining and strengthening gender-transformative actions in our fight against malaria.

However, the challenges women face in accessing prevention, treatment, and care services are significant, especially in the face of climate change and political instability. Countries like Pakistan are experiencing a surge in cases due to catastrophic flooding, while the spread of invasive mosquito species like anopheles stephensi across African countries poses a new threat. This resilient mosquito, resistant to conventional insecticides, particularly endangers urban populations, exacerbating the malaria burden on women and children.

Moreover, ongoing conflicts, as seen in Myanmar and Sudan, disrupt healthcare systems, leading to a resurgence of malaria cases and undoing years of progress. In such contexts, it’s imperative that we prioritize gender-transformative programs that improve women’s meaningful participation in comprehensive malaria programs.

W4GF calls upon Governments, the Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS, and other international organizations to fully fund and prioritize gender-transformative initiatives. This includes equitable resource allocation, research into gender disparities in malaria, and support for women-led and community-led initiatives that empower women as agents of change.

We invite you to read our full statement for more detailed advocacy messages and recommendations. Together, let’s ensure that women, in all their diversity, are central to our efforts in combating malaria and building a healthier, more equitable world for all.

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