W4GF is not an organisation – rather, it builds a movement of gender equality advocates around Global Fund issues.

W4GF mobilises activities, especially from community organisations in implementing countries to ensure that the Global Fund’s Gender Equality Strategy (GES) is put into action, and achieves real impacts through its funding model.

W4GF is a space to mobilise more action to so that the Global Fund resources go where they are most needed and where they will change lives. This is especially important given that for the first time in the history of the Global Fund, Gender Equality prominently features as an objective in the Global Fund Strategy 2017 – 2022: Investing to End Epidemics. W4GF works to ensure that gender-transformative programmes can be financed through the Global Fund, to meet the needs and rights of women and girls in all their diversity.

W4GF is designed to make sure that diverse voices are central to the conversation about what the Global Fund does, and where the money is spent, to have the greatest impact on our world and our communities.