Daxa Vitthal Patel

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Living with HIV for since 1997, Daxa’s work demonstrates her dedication to people living with HIV with a special focus on women and children. In 2000 Daxa founded Gujarat State Network of People Living with HIV (GSNP+) and in 2012 she founded the National Coalition of People Living with HIV in India (NCPI+) and state women forum, MSM positive forum. Daxa led successful advocacy at the national level to promote of PAP smears for eligible women living with HIV. In 2005 she developed partnerships with the Reliance in Surat for free ART medicine while government had not initiated this in the city. This partnership now sustains – with other services – 30 beds in the hospital with free services, nutrition, diagnostic, treatment, doctor consultation, reliance with other donors providing nutritional support to 200 children living with HIV and women living with HIV who are widows. Other corporate L&T company CSR fund were mobilized for children living with HIV and adolescent monthly SGM for 500 children living with HIV. In 2009 Daxa led successful advocacy with the Gujarat Government for travel support to access ART medicine, inclusion of HIV to be covered by medical aid schemes and monthly cash benefits to people living with HIV. Daxa is active in her engagement in the India Working Group for health Advocacy and GFAN and in various state and national committees – boosting the voice of people living with HIV.