Happy Assan

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The journey to support and raise the voice of people living and affected by HIV and drugs started in 2002. Happy Assan is an activist working with Tanzania network for people who use drugs (TaNPUD) – first as the coordinator and then in July 2019 Happy was announced as the Executive director of TaNPUD. Happy is also the Coordinator of women and children led organisation in Tanzania know as (SALVAGE) to support women and children from drug abuse. SALVAGE provides as shelter for women in need and supports children who belongs to mothers who are using drugs. The shelter provides free support and serves as a drop in centre. SALVAGE works to support community and advocate for friendly services and policies and better laws and access to health services fit for purpose in Tanzania and throughout Africa. Through Happy’s leadership, the two organisations secured funds and conducted event around “Support don’t punish” days since 2014; TB days; Hepatitis awakening campaign in 2016 and annual events creating awareness on Hepatitis; HIV and raising awareness with the Stop violence campaign in 2017, 2018 and 2019 during world drug day. TaNPUD also secured funds so to raise awareness on people who use drugs in the regions and TaNPUD now has member organisations demonstrated the networks growth. TaNPUD also works with CENTA with funds from COMPASS to support the establishment of KVP advisory committee to advocate for allocations and funds from PEPFAR and the Global Fund.