Lucy Wanjiku Njenga

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Lucy Wanjiku Njenga is a young woman leader who is visionary and passionate about young women and girls issues. Being diagnosed in 2012 with HIV and right after losing her son to HIV related complications, she committed to ensuring no other girl had to go through the same. This was achieved by her initiative of being a peer mentor and a trainer of trainers of a Behaviour Change Curriculum in HOPE project where she reached more than 2000 students. She founded Sauti Skika, the first network of adolescent and young people living with HIV in Kenya in 2015 that has become a platform that gives adolescent and young people a voice. Lucy is the Founder and Executive Coordinator of Positive Young Women Voices. She is the African Delegate in the NGO Delegation to PCB of UNAIDS and the Alternate Board member in the Kenya Country Coordinating Mechanism to the Global Fund. She has hands-on experience in the previous funding request submitted to the Global Fund and advocated to have a seat for adolescent and young people in the KCM, Kenya being a first to have such a seat. Lucy lives in Nairobi with her partner and their 3 year old daughter.