What is the Gender Equality Strategy?

The Global Fund adopted a Gender Equality Strategy (GES) in 2008. Long championed by civil society and women’s rights groups and their allies, the GES was intended to ensure that the Global Fund responds to women’s and girls’ vulnerabilities to the three diseases by providing funds for programmes that scale-up services that reduce gender-related risks, address the specific needs of women and girls, and address structural inequalities and discrimination to advance gender equality.

According to the GES, the Global Fund would achieve such objectives by focusing on the following four areas of intervention:

  • Ensure that the Global Fund’s policies, procedures and structures—including the country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) and the Technical Review Panel (TRP)—effectively support programs that address gender inequalities.
  • Establish and strengthen partnerships that effectively support the development and implementation of programs that address gender inequalities and reduce women’s and girls’ vulnerabilities, provide quality technical assistance, and build the capacity of groups who are not currently participating in Global Fund processes but should be.
  • Develop a robust communications and advocacy strategy that promotes the Gender Equality Strategy and encourages programming for women and girls and men and boys.
  • Provide leadership, internally and externally, by supporting, advancing and giving voice to the Gender Equality Strategy.

The full text of the GES.

We also have background documents on gender and on evaluation of the Gender Equality Strategy.