W4GF Key Informants 2019

Women4GlobalFund (W4GF) is up and running again as of March 2019 with a small grant from ViiV Healthcare for the next 12 months, with administrative support being provided by International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO). The W4GF Secretariat would like to ensure more strategic and  systematic connection to key W4GF Advocates working at national levels as we move forward in 2019 to strengthen existing connections and to expand the W4GF movement.

The W4GF Secretariat would like to formalise its relationship with ten (10) women working at the national level as ‘W4GF Key Informants’. This group will be made up of long standing and active W4GF Advocates working on Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and including women who support CCM representative and work to implement grants which advance effective programmes and services for women in all our diversity; that address gender inequality and are financed in part by the Global Fund.

W4GF is guided by its three objectives to sustain a platform with women in all our diversity. The following key areas of work guide the W4GF Secretariat in its role to support women in implementing countries and to strengthen focus on Global Fund policy and process to uphold human rights and achieve gender equality.

Objective 1: To ensure Global Fund policy, processes and investment support the achievement of gender equality and human rights at all levels.

Objective 2: To support and strengthen strategic strategy and engagement of women and gender equality champions at national levels to influence the Global Fund at all levels.

Objective 3: To ensure accountability and critique of Global Fund investments. Supporting women in implementing countries to effectively influence national processes by tracking Global Fund supported programmes and services to inform stronger programming for women and adolescent girls and young women

W4GF Key Informants will provide guidance to the W4GF Secretariat on its three objectives and sustain the following (ensuring balance of attention to HIV, TB and malaria):

  • Strengthen more dynamic dialoguebetween the W4GF Secretariat and W4GF Advocates at the forefront, to fine-tune priorities which emerge from discussions at the global/regional and national levels to better inform W4GF direction and strategy. 
  • Develop more coordinated global advocacy actions and prioritiesthat align with the national realities and to support the development of key messages on new and emerging issues as they relate to women (and girls) living with HIV, affected by TB and malaria in all our diversity.
  • Identify essential communication resources: This might include anything that is essential to women in the context of the Global Fund.For example: 1) How to run successful processes around the funding request development through to grant making 2) How W4GF Advocates move forward at the national level – their lessons, successes and challenges.

Click here to review the FULL CALL for W4GF Key Informants – including instructions for how to apply

Deadline is Monday March 25th 2019

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