Invitation to Join a Discussion on Cervical Cancer hosted by #BeTeamWomen

The Global Fund uses efficiency savings from investments in HIV to expand efforts to integrate HPV screening and early treatment in countries where it already supports HIV programmes. All of this is done through the Global Fund’s broader policy on co-infections and co-morbidities of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Cervical cancer incidence overlaps with HIV: women living with HIV are five times more likely to develop cervical cancer, and more likely to develop it at a younger age.  Please review the W4GF Action Alert on Cervical Cancer and HIV in English, French and Russian.

#BeTeamWomen is pleased announce an interview with the prolific Dr Nono Simelela, Special Adviser to WHO’s Director-General: Strategic Programmatic Priorities. Dr Simelela who leads on WHO’s Global cervical cancer elimination Strategy on 21 August 2019 at 14:00 Geneva/Johannesburg (8:00 New York)

Profiles of Power&Purpose, hosted by Ebony Johnson, provides a unique platform for global academic community and civil leaders, to share their passions, motivations, challenges and aspirations with the #BeTeamWomen community. This a good opportunity for W4GF advocates to engage and learn more about Cervical Cancer and possible opportunities for advocacy.

To your questions/comments ahead of time to #BeTeamWomen OR interact with the Nono and Ebony directly during the LIVE discussion.

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