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Session de formation sur les aspects clés du Fonds Mondial – Cameroun / Training session on key aspects of the Global Fund – Cameroon

[French] Le 30 juin, Alia Amimi, W4GF Gender Advocacy Lead, a présenté les principaux aspects sur les mécanismes du Fonds Mondial, à 21 femmes du Cameroun afin de comprendre le contexte du pays dans la lutte contre le paludisme, le VIH et la tuberculose. La session s’est déroulée par groupes de participants à Yaoundé et […]

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W4GF WEBINAR “Empowering Women in Ghana for GC7: Navigating the Global Fund Grant Making Process and Beyond”

On June 21st, we held a mentorship session with 17 women, adolescents and girls from Ghana. We provided technical support and advocacy tools and enhanced their capacities and advocacy skills to lead national processes and influence the 2023-2025 Allocation Cycle.  Within this context, W4GF is dedicated to making the current Global Fund Strategy (2023-2028) accessible […]

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Strengthening the Engagement of Women Living with HIV-led Networks Series: Global Fund 101: Gender Interventions Webinar

On June 16th, W4GF co-organised with ICW  the webinar “Global Fund 101: reinforcing gender equality” for Women living with HIV and Key Populations, which purpose was to discuss how to ensure meaningful involvement of women in all of their diversity in the GC7 funding process and increase the inclusion of gender-sensitive and transformative actions in the requests. […]

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Sign this Call-to-action to ensure the Meaningful Inclusion and Participation of Women and Girls in the Pandemic Treaty Processes MAY 30th, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed numerous vulnerabilities in our global healthcare systems, economies, and social structures, especially in low- and middle-income countries. As the world is working towards establishing a pandemic treaty to address future crises effectively, it is imperative that we recognize as Women4GlobalFund the importance of including women and girls in all of […]

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Joint-learning Virtual Meeting with Key Partners And Networks To Co-Develop Information Documents Related To The 2023-2025 Allocation Funding & Methodology that are Gender Transformative

On May 23rd, more than 25 organizations came together in a Joint-learning virtual meeting to strategies a roadmap for developing tools to guide women, girls, and adolescents in their diversity to navigate the Global Fund New Granting Cycle. We aim to ensure their meaningful participation in designing and implementing gender-transformative actions.  The result of our […]

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Mentorship training for Women and Young Girls in Tanzania about Global Fund Key Aspects.

W4GF aims to make accessible and understandable the current Global Fund Strategy (2023-2028), with a particular focus on disseminating the importance of the catalytic investments for faster progress in reducing new infections, addressing structural barriers to improved HIV, tuberculosis and malaria outcomes and building equity, sustainability and lasting impact. On May 29th, we held a […]

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We are happy to share the letters sent to the new Board of the Global Fund:

Honourable Lady Roslyn Morauta Global Fund Board Chair Honourable Bience Gawanas Global Fund Vice-Chair  RE: Strengthening partnerships for gender equality and equity between The Global Fund and Women4GlobalFund Women 4 Global Fund  (W4GF) welcomes your appointment as Chair of the Global Fund Board. We believe that your experience and career in fighting for the most […]

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Standing with Sudanese women in the midst of war

Call for International Action The war in Sudan is devastating. Deaths and human rights violations are affecting women. In early May, Sudanese Women Rights Action (SUWRA) reported that dozens of women had been killed and at least seven raped by both warring parties. Hundreds of women are fleeing the conflict with their children into neighbouring […]

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